Tips for Fixing a Noisy Air Conditioner

HVAC Noise and How to Reduce it
noisy air conditioner

Is your HVAC system keeping you up at night? In a survey conducted by the International Facility Management Association, about 16 percent of consumers say their biggest complaint is that their HVAC is too noisy. The good news is there are steps you can take to make your system less bothersome in this way. What can you do? It's important that your first step be determining what is causing the noise to occur. And, then, you'll need take a few steps to correct it. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

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Why Is It Noisy?

• Dirty coils – if you hear a buzzing sound when the system is working, that's typically related to the dirty coils.

• Debris – It is very common for debris to cause noise and a buzzing sound when it is blocking the proper flow of air. It's a good idea to clean the air filter first. You'll usually find pet hair, smoke, dust, and dirt in it. This blocks the air from flowing, making the system run harder and louder.

• Broken part – In some situations, a loose or broken part can cause the sound you are hearing. For example, the fan could be hitting other parts or the exterior housing.

• Balance – To work well and noise-free, the system needs to be balanced. If the fan or compressor is unbalanced, it will rattle. Location Depending on where the system sits, this could contribute to the noise level. For example, if there are shrubs and plants limiting ventilation, this will make the system louder. Be sure there is plenty of free space around the use to allow for proper air flow. Don't place it near corrosive substances. And, be sure that it is stable and mounted. This will reduce vibrations. Reducing Noise There are a few other things to consider to reduce noise. Working with a professional can help here:

• Choose to replace an older system with a high-efficiently model that naturally reduces noise. • Have a simple tune up conducted.

• Handle any repairs necessary

• Mount the unit to reduce noise.

• Add insulation around the compressor to reduce noise. With the help of a professional team, you can not only stop worrying about noise, but fix it for good! Call us today to learn more about your options.

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