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We are a full-service residential HVAC company based in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and up-to-date heating and cooling system technologies, including digital programmable thermostats and smart home integration. While HVAC technologies continue to develop, we evolve along with them, continually understanding the latest in HVAC machinery and products.

RELAXED HEATING & AIR INC. has been the most experienced and trusted HVAC team in Los Angeles for many years. Our knowledgeable HVAC service representatives and technicians provide customized services to all our clients. We offer professional air conditioning services that will meet your needs and we also focus on ecologically friendly HVAC equipment like heat pumps and different hybrid technologies. We offer maintenance, repairs, services and installation of all HVAC products in Los Angeles.

Some cooling systems are old models and changing to new equipment or product will provide sufficient savings on energy bills. If you have an air conditioner that’s old, you can contact us for a free estimate and we’ll come and inspect it. We will then let you know what would work best for your property.



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