california wildfires

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California Wildfires

Nov 19, 2019, 3:10 PM PST

Wildfires are hazardous for nature as well as for people and wild animals. According to National Geographic, strong winds are the main reason behind fire occurring in Los Angeles. These fires force hundred and thousands of people out of their homes. Apart from saving ourselves and our loved ones from hazardous air quality, there is not much in our hands. We can only wait for authorities to come up with a solution to stop the fire or at least lessen their occurrence.

Hot air draws the water out of the trees making them dry and vulnerable to catch fire easily. The wind is the reason why all people, no matter how far they live from wildfire, get affected by it. Even miles away, you can feel the smoke going in your body when you breathe. Officials suggest commoners wear N95 masks to breathe smoke-free air.

Healthy people are at lesser risk of damaging their health provided there is only a little exposure with bad air. Children or people with bad lungs are more at risk of developing diseases when exposed to harmful air. People with asthma and a bad heart should be extra careful.

Improved air quality with air purifiers

To avoid getting bad air in the house close all the windows, doors and ventilation areas. This way, smoke particles will not enter the house in a large amount. But they can still come inside in small amounts through holes and cracks or even the closed windows and gates.

To improve the air quality inside the home, use air purifiers. Air purifier filters the harmful particles out of your house. Smoke can cause irritation in the eyes and pain in the throat. Avoid going out unnecessarily. If you have to go out then use masks recommended by the officials. Be up to date with the news.


Heating and Air Conditioning

Wild fires not only damage people’s health, but it also damages your HVAC system. Heating and air conditioning system with fresh air intake should not be used during wildfires. As they let the outside air come into the house. Use the systems without fresh air intake; close it for the time being. Heating and air conditioning system used during a wildfire can gather smoke particles in it. These particles linger in your HVAC system for many years and mess up with your health. To make sure your system is clean filters should be changed after a wild fire.

HVAC Technicians

If there is a wildfire nearby and you are worried if your HVAC system will work against it, then you can talk to an HVAC technician. They will help you understand how to prepare yourself for the fire and how you can breathe safely inside your home. A technician can also fit a pre-filter in your home so that the primary filter does not overload and stop working very soon.

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